Completing Our Streets explores the three keys to the success of the Complete Streets movement, and shares stories from places big and small that are adopting a complete streets approach to all of their transportation projects.

What Reviewers are Saying:

"New urbanists — and public officials, and transportation professionals — need McCann and the complete streets movement. Not only because their policies aid in improving our nation’s public realm and transportation system, but also to learn from the communication skills, strategic thinking, and sheer coalition building power of McCann and her colleagues. Read Completing Our Streets and find out how she does it." 
Better! Cities & Towns 

"It's hard to overstate how fundamental a change the [Complete Streets] movement has wrought in the way we think about such an important part of our communities. This is an important success story, containing many individual success stories within. Written by the movement's founder and leader (who also happens to be a very good writer), Completing Our Streets is now the definitive book on how communities can work together to make streets safe for all users."
The Atlantic Cities

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Available from Island Press, Amazon, and other booksellers. Royalties are being donated to Island Press and the National Complete Streets Coalition.

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